2019/10/30 Album "DENDRITE" Released

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2019/09/24 'Dream Ended This Way' Single Released

Here's a sample of song 'Dream Ended This Way' as a single cut from album.

2019/08/02 Siren Sample

Here's a sample of song 'Siren' as album version.

2019/08/15 Single release

Official Releases

These are the list of official release.



2019/07/30 Single release

2019/06/02 New song demo

2019/05/23 お知らせ Notice



★antihoney project restarts now★

Starting with the copyright issue weeks ago, I've been thinking over the project and things I've left incomplete. Having many warming messages and support from many people especially on twitter, I became to think maybe I can start it again now.
Through responses to some questions regarding my music and the background of antihoney, I also realized how I once hoped to create my music and express the world inside.
My mind seems to be ready to face music again.

So I'm starting to finish what I started.

2019/05/23 お知らせ Notice

2019/05/06 お知らせ Notice

著作権について Copyright


'Fools in April', 'Something Left Here'

antihoney owns all copyright of original creation which distribute through official channels and contracted distributors.
If you wish to use it for commercial use or for gaining a clear profit, please contact me in advance by email or twitter and use it with my authorization.

Also please note that following songs must not be online in any way to protect the player's and arranger's right that are not antihoney's.
'Fools in April', 'Something Left Here'

公式のチャンネルについて Official Channels


This website has been asleep for a long time, however there have been widespread cases of illegal commercial sale of antihoney music without authorization via music distribution services.
To solve this, I rebooted this website and added some more official channels as listed in the footer to send and collect information.
Also, there seemed to be some "impersonation" accounts that lead to illegal sale links in various music services, so when you find such account please confirm with me.